Disaster Relief

Click this link Hurricane Irma 2017 to download the ZIP file that contains the video.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused mass destruction in the Caribbean and U.S. mainland. AG World Missions and Convoy of Hope are active in meeting the needs of those suffering in the face of these recent tragedies. Pray for the protection of residents, first-responders, and all affected. Also, believe for Jesus to be honored as churches reach out in love and compassion toward those who are facing loss.



AG World Missions/Convoy of Hope Hurricane Irma Relief (International/Caribbean)

Convoy of Hope Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Relief (U.S.)



Irma Bearing Down as Reports of AG Churches Damaged by Harvey Received 

Hurricane Aftermath


The AG Disaster Relief Fund was established to provide emergency assistance to Assemblies of God churches or properties affected by a natural or man-made disaster.


AG Disaster Relief is not meant to be a substitute for adequate insurance coverage. However, churches and homes located in certain areas may not be able to obtain or afford the high premiums of insurance against crime and vandalism, or certain natural disasters.  In cases where large areas are hit by disaster, AG Disaster Relief, in partnership with other Assemblies of God ministries, will respond with assistance as they are able.


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