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AG Disaster Relief Forms & Procedures


Who can receive AG Disaster Relief?

Download: AG Disaster Relief Application (PDF)
The AG Disaster Relief Fund was established to provide emergency assistance to Assemblies of God churches or properties, church members, and others affected by a natural or man-made disaster.

Is AG Disaster Relief a substitute for insurance?

AG Disaster Relief is not meant to be a substitute for adequate insurance coverage. However, churches and homes located in certain areas may not be able to obtain or afford the high premiums of insurance against crime and vandalism, or certain natural disasters.
In cases where large areas are hit by disaster, AG Disaster Relief, in partnership with other Assemblies of God ministries, will respond with assistance as they are able.

What if our church or community is hit by a natural disaster?

If your church or community is hit by a natural disaster, contact your Assemblies of God pastor who can contact AG Disaster Relief and obtain an application for disaster relief or you can download an application (next line).

Download: AG Disaster Relief Application (PDF)

If possible, include photos before and after the damage when the application is completed and returned. This way, the extent of damage and the assistance required can be accurately determined. Please take good quality photos as they may be used in our publications. When assistance has been approved, a check will be sent to the church, with a copy to the district office.

Follow these steps from Application to Payment

Application:  Upon receipt of inquiry, AG Disaster Relief will send an application to determine the extent of damage and the need for assistance.  Applications can also be found online at or can be downloaded — see next line.
Download: AG Disaster Relief Application (PDF)

Approval:  Applicants must submit completed applications to their district office for review and endorsements.  Districts will forward all district-endorsed applications to AG Disaster Relief.  AG Disaster Relief will review the applications to determine need for and amount of assistance.

Payment:  When assistance has been approved, AG Disaster Relief will send a check to the church with a copy to the district office.  Thus, the district office will be aware that the application has been approved and disaster relief has been granted and disbursed.

Replacement of lost GPH curriculum

GPH will replace any lost or destroyed GPH-produced curriculum at no additional cost to the church through the application process, if it is available at that time.  A copy of the approved application will be forwarded to GPH, and the church will be contacted by GPH regarding curriculum lost and needed.

What can I do to help fellow churches in need?

It is only as concerned friends continue to support the ministry of Disaster Relief that funds will be immediately available to churches in need. You can show your concern for fellow churches through financial gifts and by personally volunteering to aid victims during natural disasters. Use our online secure server connection to send your offering to AG Disaster Relief today!


Remember, no one knows when or where disaster will strike next. Help us remain ready to meet the needs as they arise.d







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